Friday, March 12, 2010


I went to KFC for lunch just now with Chienz.. I order their Zinger Tower Burger.. I don't really like it, kinda oily.. Zinger burger with two layer of meat?? hehe.. Picture below~ Top layer: Chicken fillet.. Bottom layer: Fish fillet.. I don't think I will order that again.. hehe..

The best thing about lunch today is I laugh alot with Chienz.. We two are in very good mood today.. I think laughing is one of the best de-stress therapy for everyone, yes? =D At KFC we bump into Jack and his colleague.. I hope the two of us didn't scare them.. hehe..

We need to laugh more..^^


Ray said...

Bottom layer should be hash brown if i remember correctly leh.

Patricia said...

@Ray: hmmm.. I thought it's fish~ Maybe it's fish.. hehe