Wednesday, March 17, 2010


"Hi! My Sweetheart" - "海派甜心" is one of my favourite Taiwan drama..
It's funny, sweet, sad, touching~ You have no idea how much I laugh and cry.. *sob sob*

I like Ling Da Lang.. Pink Panther is his favourite cartoon character..

I like his funny mushroom hair shape..
I like his innocent look, he may look funny but he is cute!

I like watching Ling Da Lang and Bao Chu Jie together..
I like their pure and naive relationship..

I like how natural and comfortable they feel being with each other..

I like how Da Lang protect Bao Chu Jie but always end up the other way round..
I like the way Da Lang hug her like a Koala bear..

I like the way Da Lang never fail to make her laugh or smile..
I like no matter how bad her temper is, he can tolerate and understand..

I like seeing Bao Chu Jie eat ice cream whenever she is angry like me..
I like and admire her Senior's love, care and support for her and how he never gave up waiting for her to accept him..

I like how the story end..
I like seeing Da Lang and Bao Chu Jie married!! =D

I love 海派甜心!! =D

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