Thursday, March 25, 2010


If only I can smash my office telephone on my desk now into pieces..

If only those stupid people can stop calling..

If only those stupid people not make a SMALL matter into BIG matter..

Big client are always FUSSY.. DEMANDING.. ARGGGHHHH...

This week seems to be full of hectic problems..

I have become a problem solver.. Is that in my job scope?

I need McD fries.. I need vanila, mint, chocolate ice cream..

I don't want to be superwomen.. T_T


Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

i need to face at least 10 faces per day...sometime 20faces per day .... some very nice some jiajia kns~bo bian
im doing customer service....
I need do reporting everyday , watch out my all my staff and check everything at the shop... sometimes i wish i got 2pairs of hand..hahah!

Patricia said...

Tze: Your job there teruk also.. Hope you find your extra hands! hehe.. Maybe someday you and Alvin will handle together.. =)

Well, me face one big customer oledi consider teruk.. sometime two/three customer in a time.. One big customer can keep calling non-stop in the MORNING ONLY ask why this why that.. shout and scold when it's not my mistake.. keep pushing for answer eventhough oledi say PLEASE HOLD WE NEED TO CHECK.. du du du link to the boss.. boss come and ask and ask again.. call and check with other team.. when they answer you 'I DONT KNOW' make me want to kill myself.. haiz.. other work on hand pending lo, drag our time! sighs.. PATIENT.. this is work.. hehe.. =)