Thursday, March 11, 2010


On Monday 8-3-2010..

Kinda bad day at work.. I don't feel like attending the night class, but I went at the end.. Good thing the class that turn out to be useful.. After class, off to catch the movie 'From Paris With Love'.. It's a good action movie.. I was holding back my tears when the movie almost come to an end.. The part where the lead actor (actor- John Travolta) has to kill the woman he love.. =S Go watch the movie and you will know what I'm talking about.. hehe..

* * * * *

On Tuesday 9-3-2010..

I went swimming at JPMC with Wendy.. Oh, I miss swimming.. I forgot how much I love being in the pool.. Eventhough I don't swim well, I just love it.. I think Swimming is one of way I can de-stress with.. hehe.. I like the pool at JPMC because the water is warm! hehe..

Alright, I shall continue my Taiwan drama now before I sleep.. Goodnight =)

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