Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's 31st March already.. Goodbye March~

Today, question in my head.. How to save $$$$$$$.. I think I need a financial planner.. Credit cards = EVIL!!!

It's 9.37am.. Where is Jennifer Tiew?? How come I don't see her on MSN.. I need you babe!! come out come out~ HELP.. hehe..

Early morning I disturb Jonathan for advice.. Hopefully he don't kill me later at lunch.. wakaka.. I miss 'pan mee' so going to have it later.. yum yum!! Lunch with Jonathan, Kath and Jian Tyng.. hehe..

List of work for today.. I just cross out 3 tasks.. 4 tasks to go.. pray pray my supervisor don't simply call up.. hehe..

Ok.. I just feel like posting something, I think this should be enough.. haha..

But before I end, I want to show you all a picture of pretty roses!! So pretty that I want to post it up..
This picture is copied from JoanH's blog with permission.. hehe.. When I was reading Joan's post, in my head - "this Daniel watch too much movie ka?" hahaha..

The story goes like this:

Last Friday, D try to surprise J so he lie that he extended his business trip until Wednesday.. D called J and inform her that he is on the plane flying to UK.. (Call from inside the plane huh??) J didn't believe him.. (Luckily you are smart babe..) They debate abit and lastly D asked J to look out of her room's window.. J saw D's car, happily skip down to greet D.. J open the car's door and there pretty roses waiting for her.. and they live happily ever after.. hehehe..
Anyway my main point is not about what DanielW did.. kekeke!! =P
but the PRETTY ROSES..!! awwww.. I likeeeeee... so pretty!!! =D


- j o a n - said...

wakkaka.. if u din mention about it, i really didn't realise tat the story DOES sound like from Taiwan series.. but hor, D don watch Taiwan series... LOL!!!

Patricia said...

@Joan: haha.. I guess he is gifted for sweet brain~ LOL.. =P

Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

really sweet...

Patricia said...

@Tze: hehehe..
oh ya.. I hear on radio just now, Cao Ge got new song ka? I hear lyrics got "you are my sunshine....."