Monday, March 29, 2010

Pretty Puzzle~ Thank You

On Saturday, I received a gift.. I really appreciate this gift..
It's a completed puzzle..
One thousand pieces, well-framed..
Thanks for your effort, knowing I'm feeling down and trying to cheer me up.. but still I hope you understand what I have said to you.. You need to change your direction.. I really hope that you will find your right happiness.. Good Luck my Friend.. =)


exclusivelydaniel said...

wah!!! so sweet this guy ahh.. he win me liao pat... bekin puzzle lagi!! steady!!!

Patricia said...

@Daniel: You want to tell me this type of guy don't have to pass to you for training already issit? LOL~ =P

Anyway, how can compare with you oh.. you super sweet until Joan so crazy about you.. LOL~ *wink wink* Btw I like the pink and red roses you gave to Joan.. really very pretty!! hehe..

- j o a n - said...

*wink wink*