Friday, March 12, 2010

Pola Bear and Hello Kitty can be friends! LOL

Wuhuuuuu~~ I just got back from Chien's house.. Went there to watch DVD.. LOL.. "《72家租客》 72 Tenants of Prosperity" a Hong Kong movie.. We, no actually I watch only while Chien busy online beside me.. hehe..
Above picture, we look like Aunties.. and please look at what I'm hugging.. Chien's Pola Bear.. I LOVE IT VERY MUCH.. I try to kidnap it but failed.. haha.. It's her favourite soft toy.. She bought it from Gold Coast Australia... so cute!!! Chien say my hello kitty is cute too.. awwww... hehehe.. =D Alright I'm falling asleep.. Goodnight!

72 Tenants of Prosperity


Rueburn Liang said...

aunties! LOL!

Patricia said...

@Rue: *hit rue on the head!* =P