Saturday, March 06, 2010


On my way to work this morning.. I saw students having Walkaton.. mmm...

Remind me of the day me, SY, Boon Chu, Rue and Thanis joined the early morning Walkaton without sleeping.. Even without sleep, we five were feeling happy and hyper.. Must be the effect of too much sotong balls and singing at Jo Lin's house.. hehe..

It was an enjoyable Walkaton.. so much laughter that day.. Today it's different, I miss it..

Anyway.. I fell in love with this song's lyrics.. which I get to know from P.Yong's FB..
"mei nan meh jian tan"
"It's not easy to be in a relationship, effort has to be put in for both to feel happiness"


- j o a n - said...

I MISS CNY a lot!!!

Patricia said...

*Joan: yessss... me too!