Saturday, March 27, 2010


Random pictures~~

See this cute little thing.. It's on my office desk.. and whenever I'm angry or nervous about some bad shipment arrangment I will

squeeze it and punch it.. hehe.. poor thing.. By the way, it's from my supervisor.. hehe.. =P

* * * * *

I went window shopping at Manggis Hua Ho last night after I left my boss's grand-daughter birthday dinner at their house..
=x bunny..

then spot some Hello Kitty, cannot compare with mine.. hehe..
* * * * *

Samuel and Buddy like to buy me Ferrero Rocher.. One of my favourite chocolate~ yum yum..

* * * * *

Last Sunday, I went to Barely There shop with PY and Chienz.. I like the shop's design..
I like the red carpet! and I think SY will like the sofa bed.. hehe..
The little corner look cute! =)

* * * * *

And I forgot which Saturday, Hiang came to Bandar.. and so good of him to treat me and Chienz eat Steambot~ hehe.. then I follow and watch them play pool..
Later that night we went to Grace's so-called house warming to eat and sing..
and also look at Grace's dog.. hehe..

* * * * *

Before I end this post.. Let me show you a very cute white sheep.. Now you see a sheep..

Now you see a wolf.. A wolf in disguise!! hehe.. CUTE.. I wanna steal it from SY~ hehe =P


Sy said...

Wah a long post u have here.
first of all.. yes i will love that sofa bed. i think its the same as anggerek one rite? good to sleep after drinking LOL.... should check out that store soon.

n when did u take pic of my sheepy wolf. LOL!.. when i saw it i was like.. ehh same like mine.. sekali u took it from my room. cheh.. hahaha

Patricia said...

@SY: long post with pictures only.. hehe.. If I'm not mistaken it should be the same as anggerek's.. YUP! really a good sleeping bed after drinking.. haha!

Worth to check out the sexy lingerie they sell at the store.. and your sheepy wolf very cute, I couldn't help but to take a pic of it.. LOL~