Saturday, January 05, 2008

Heading to Kuching..

I'm heading to Kuching later in the afternoon.. Will be a short trip.. Need to settle my brother study stuff with my dad..

Below are the pictures I took during New Year Eve and on New Year.. I celebrate my New Year Eve Count down at Balcony in Miri.. Suppose to go over to Thai Bar but at the end still ends up back at Balcony.. I had a great time.. Miss ya ladies.. =D

That night Indoor Stadium in Miri had Rave Party.. Luckily we didn't go.. Lots of people say it's bad and boring..

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After lunch on 1/1/2008, I went around shopping mall with Nicole.. Luckily, I didn't follow Sheau Tze's car back.. Because I finally have the time to have a sister gossip session with Nicole.. So much things to say.. I miss you already babe..

Then we head over to Double Star for dinner before I left for Brunei.. Double Star Restaurant the place where I met an old friend.. (K***) wth..

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Bam Bam don't like to take picture.. So difficult to take his picture.. I totally love him.. so playful..

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Take a look at this plastic.. hehe.. Know what is it?

So creative.. It's biscuit wrapper..

So cute the packing.. Jennifer bought this and the chocolate from Japan during her trip there last month.. The chocolate taste good.. I don't know why but I feel abit dizzy later eating the whole bar.. Seem like it contain abit of alcohol.. haha.. It's good.. O_o

Alright, Update when I get back.. <3

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