Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shirley and Hao Engagement dinner pictures

Us at Seria..

And so now I present to you.. Some pictures taken during Hao & Shirley's Engagement dinner which me and Joan when all the way down to Seria from Bandar..
Tze all the way down to Seria from Limbang..
Kelly and Jennifer all the way down to SERIA from Miri..

Jennifer, Tze, Joan and Me..

Yours truly and Joan

Masaki-Tze and Patricia

Congrats to Hao and Shirley.. May your life with each other be filled with lots of love and happiness.. and Get MARRIED soon pls.. haha..

Shirley and Hao

Hao trying to pose pose.. haha.. This picture is priceless.. wth

Hao treat our sister like a Queen O..! Don't dare you bully her.. Shirley babe, you look very beautiful in all of your Engagement photo shoot.. Don't forget to keep those bookmark for me ok.. and lastly Hao please apply more sunblock when you work.. haha.. =p

Leong, Alvin, Me, Tze and Hao

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Love and Misses you all.. xoxo

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"What if oil prices go up?. It’s not a matter of what if.. It is bound to happen as The Minister of Enery, Pehin Yahya, addressed in his recent speech that the “oil prices sold to user end must be realistic”. Yes, I do agree the notion of Mr. Louis Heuze, the General Manager of Total e&P Borneo BV, whom I had a few words with. He believed that with “realistic prices”, this would discourage complacency among us.

Tareq Muhmood, the CEO of HSBC, also thinks that once oil prices go up, we will be able to adapt economic changes as this has been successfully done in Iraq (in removal of subsidies). But all of these (changes) need good prior planning as quoted by BEDB’s acting Chairman, Dato Paduka Timothy Ong. He advised that reducing subsidies dramatically could raise public uproar. So it’s vital to study these changes and perhaps implement these changes step by step.

And also recently, The Minister of Energy, Pehin Yahya, paid a visit to Manchester, for an informal meeting to greet the Bruneian scholars. The Minister shared some good insight on how the population of the car is three times more than our population (3 cars = 1 person) (Thanks Hazim). So I guess the message is slowly getting across the public eye and all of us need to be aware and be ready for these changes. I support the notion by the Ministry of Energy and this hopes to bring positive economic changes."

Article written and taken from Rano on on Wednesday, 16/1/2008.

My eyes went wide open when I read the article above.. And so my mind goes "OH MY GOD.. It's going to be happening in Brunei too.. Rises of oil price.. !!"

I never would have thought it will happen actually.. Let's pray that the price of oil (if really do increase) won't burn out our pocket holes.. -___-'"

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