Sunday, January 20, 2008

hunting for CNY clothes

So I said to myself when I arrived home from Shopping mall that I HAVE ENUF OF CHINESE NEW YEAR CLOTHES...!! DO NOT BUY ANYMORE..

Well I hope I shall keep that promise.. *finger cross*

Anyway.. I spend my afternoon out looking for new clothes for this coming Chinese New Year.. But then, I seem to end up buying more on casual Sunday wear.. Nothing special.. Some of my purchase are a bargain, less than B$20.. still acceptable style ok.. haha..

Next on my list is to buy my PaPa new clothes.. I bought for my MaMa and my two brothers already..

Not much decoration our my house.. Not much people come my house bah.. hehe..

Just hang a few of New Year Mouse decoration and red red accessories.. and thats it.. -____- ok wah.. as long have RED will bring luck ok.. =p

So how is the preparation for you people who celebrate Chinese New Year? I'm sure more food prepared and decoration everywhere.. RED everywhere.. O_o

*runs off back to my Taiwan series*

♥ ♥ ♥

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