Sunday, January 20, 2008

my love for Noodles now

Office wireless has been blocked.. My department only, those designer still having the connection.. So I been missing.. So tired when I reach home as been working overtime this week.. So excuse me from missing ya.. -___-

Other than busy with work.. I'm going around computer's shop to check on Laptop for my brother.. He needs one at Kuching.. I'm going to suggest him to get LENOVO, known as IBM before.. The Spec is enough for his usage and the price is his budget.. Wait until he's back for the Chinese New Year holiday to decide it on himself again..

I have been abandon eating rice nowadays.. haha.. I love to eat rice more than noodles.. But then since last week I only have appetite for noodles.. Even instant types.. *sighs*

Last night I went to Amie's place for BBQ.. Celebrating her son's Ryan 3 years old birthday.. I only ate hot dogs and fishball the whole night.. damn nice the hot dog and fishball which her hubby BBQ..

Pimples pops alot now.. I get worry and I think too much.. have problem bah so end up with pimples.. -____-

Anyway.. I'm sleepy.. Goodnight people.. *yawns*

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