Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I will show you I can..!!

Just wish things wouldn't be so complicated to solve..

Feeling so much pressure already with problems..

Another thing bothering me is..

Tomorrow is a public holiday and yet I have to work..

My supervisor sucks big time..


He ask me to work while my partner don't have to..


Because my partner has to take care of their son.. (PARTNER = HIS WIFE)

WTH.. yala yala.. I'm always the one ill fated around here la.. *sighs*

Luckily my partner did something.. She offer to work until 10am..

Atleast I go to office late.. *so unfair but still have to go on.. wth*

--I won't let you think that I can't do it.. I won't make myself useless of what you had said.. Your's isn't the best around here ok.. It's my problem that I want to learn from the start.. If it's hard then it's my own problem.. You don't have to laugh at me in the face.. You don't have to make me feel as if I had made a wrong choice.. You don't have to make me feel regret in the end.. Totally not supportive at all.. See how I respect you and yet.. The outcome you look down on me.. And I won't let you spoil it.. --

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TMS said...

Wah calm down a bit girl, lol~ anyway working for people is like dat one, its either you take it or find another job(which most people can't afford to do so), anyway, he's a bitch and life moves on...oh btw, his wife is half-bitch...