Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nose mask =(


Forget to share with you guys my happiness.. ON...

hahahahahahaha.... my internet Espeed bill has decrease from B$98 to B$68 starting next month April.. so happy.. Now I can save the extra B$30 hmmmm SHOPPING.. wth.. I'm so helpless..

* * * * *

I went to Giant supermarket with my mama is afternoon.. It was the second time I have been there since it's opening.. The first time was on Friday with Roger.. Luckily both time I was there we were not stuck in heavy traffic.. At least both time we manage to find parkings which are not FAR away from the entrance..=p

I went to The Mall after Giant to get some face product.. and so I went to The Face Shop which I have been thinking to check out the product there since last week.. I got myself a nose mask, spot corrector and hydro serum..Not to forget I automatically register as a member for spending around B$70..

Not sure what the effect will be like but I'm going to start using them today.. I tried the nose mask peel off thingy already.. wth so damn pain when I was peeling off the mask.. I was particularly crying already.. haha.. The lady who introduce it were right.. really pain.. =(

No choice must go on using it.. *sighs*

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