Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let me kick you.. pls... =p

I'm going to blog as my VERY usual self today..

Let's start now...

Si beh sien le.. BORED BORED BORED.. boring boring boring.. why the heck is it so boring over here.. My wireless connection are back again in the office.. Thanks to my colleague of course..

My neighbors la in this office like to block my department out.. sighs.. they so li hai meh? block block all the time.. Yala yala they are so precious to our boss la.. Boss!! you la.. always spoil them.. See they all are like brats.. so pissed off by them.. never mind ask them to go jump sea, like that I will be happier.. wth..

My Godbrother and sister wedding next month and my mission is to burn the damn fat so that I look at least 1% no no 2% slim ok.. but wth my diet plan fails as I just can't stop eating..

Oh well, I shall forget about it and go ahead looking like a fatso to their wedding dinner and everyone will go 'PATRICIA why are you so fat already??' and I will smile all night and answer everyone 'Aiya no choice bah, I'm having such a good life bah, don't be jealous'.. wth.. sien.. =p

And so tonight I will be going my mama to a dinner.. FOC bah.. so I intend to go and eat.. Forget about diet.. Forgetttttttt ittttttt... wth.. Last week Indian food at with Angel.. This week we might be heading for McDonald or KFC.. FAT welcome to my body.. wth..

I have been sleeping extremely late lo for the past few nights.. Doing the usual stuff of course.. Online and Korea drama to catch up with.. sighs.. but then hor.. Miracle le for the past two night I sleep before 12.30am..!! Well done Patricia, keep it up..

Anyway I'm in luck because I force my colleague to treat me to eat curry fish head.. Hope by that time my throat are fully recover.. eh.. I didn't force him ok.. I help him do something very important for his next job career ok.. Without my help his business card won't look professional le.. so he should thank me.. wth.. =p

I'm in a bad mood today which makes me wanna chop people's head off or kick people or throw things at people.. wth.. I'm so mean......... =p

Bah that's it The End..

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