Thursday, March 20, 2008

Love Korea Language

Annyeong haseyo...!!

Yea, kinda addicted to Korea language.. Makes me want to learn it.. I prefer Korea rather than Japanese language lo.. Korea's sound softer and hmm nice? aniyo?

I love Korea's food too.. Most of my friends doesn't like, they all mostly prefer Japanese.. For me? I love both.. haha.. I love to eat KIMCHI...!! Yea, taste good lo.. =p

I miss eating Korea session with Joan, Angel, Huang Ching, Clemence and Thomas.. Usually I went to eat with this FEW people who like.. =D

* * * * *

My buddy Clemence is leaving for Kuala Lumpur today from Miri.. She is going there to take some courses so she won't be in Brunei for Donno-How-Long.. I wanted to go down to Miri to surprise her and send her off at the airport BUT yea since I got work on a public holiday today so I can't go..

Clemence and Patricia

Gal.. Take care well of yourself.. We are being separated again.. I don't know when is the next time I will be seeing you again.. soon? in a month time? in a year time? I was so sad when you told me you will be going for KL.. but for your own good future, I support you to go too.. Lucky now we have the internet AND Phone calls AND SMS AND MSN AND Webcam AND Emails AND my blog to keep in touch with.. So we don't have to write to each other like old times.. haha.. I miss you alot.. *hugs*

We.. the BIG face and the Small face.. wth..

By the the way.. Gamsa hamnida for reading people.. =p

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