Thursday, March 06, 2008

Vantage Point

Having headache this few days.. Thank God, today I feel at least better..

Have not sleep well this few days.. Hmm.. due to I slept at 2am plus almost every night.. I have no idea what I'm so busy with instead of blogging.. wth..

The other day I woke up 30mins late for work.. wth.. *lips sealed ppl* =p

I miss Sing Hua, my college Da Jie.. 3th of March was her birthday but I have no idea how to contact her.. I have no idea where is she now.. No idea how's her life now.. No idea how many kids she has now.. I miss her.. I miss eating salty eggs with instant noodle.. I miss having her cooking me porridge when I'm sick.. She sayang me so much le.. Da Jie, where are you? =(

Last night I went to the Empire Cinema to watch VANTAGE POINT..!! Khiong treat us because he bring his NEW Girlfriend out.. and so he ask us to tag along.. hehe..

Vantage Point, a movie which I thought would be boring.. BUT who knows.. it was actually good.. Story, effect and action are all done quite well.. Highly recommend you guys to watch..

After the movie I went off for tea session at Taurean 3 with Wendy and Darren them.. Wendy postpone her trip to Singapore to this coming Sunday.. So we still get to meet up more before she fly..

My buddy gonna leave me here alone soon.. Are our fate destiny to part? *sighs*

My eyes I closing.. off to bed ppl.. Nit

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