Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm into MDG...~~

MDG stands for Malaysian Dream Girl.. ( is Malaysia's first online reality model search show which I'm very into currently..

From the beginning of the show 12 girls were chosen during the audition.. and each week elimination will take place.. Elimination time is where I get nervous with the girls.. wth.. Because I'm afraid my favourite dream girl one will be sent home mah.. =p

There are only 8 girls left now in the dream house.. *Dream house is where the girls are sent to stay and live together until the shows complete..*

8 pretty girls left..








..Ringo aka Cheesie..

Who will be the next to say goodbye?

Which dream girl is my favourite? I'm a greedy type so I have 4 favourite dream girl..

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This reality shows isn't 100% perfect and sometime the filming and stuff aren't interesting but I faith that the shows will initially improve..! yea.. Malaysia boleh..! wth.. =p

I like episode 8 which is the latest one now.. This episode where the girls do advert recording in the studio.. They did very well with their idea and being creative.. This girls really shows alot of improvement from the first audition to all the photo shoots to catwalk on runway.. *phewff* they sure work hard..

May the best dream girl win.. with the highest votes ofcourse.. =D

Hmm.. I wonder if I join the audition sure I get rejected hard hard ah.. hurt some more.. disappointed some more..

How can a cutie like me be a professional sexy model to make Malaysia proud? wth.. =p


= FLoReNcE = said...

Oh...U have the same taste with me. I like the 4 of them too. Kekekkeke!!!!

Patricia said...

@florence: Omg really? haha.. Don't know who will win hor.. hehe.. Hope it will be one of our favourite de.. =p