Thursday, March 27, 2008

I will cross the ocean for you

It would be nice if I'm at the beach right now.. With friends who I can laugh and talk with..

Work was hell busy.. My head supervisor was in a bad mood and I step on his tail.. Work until 11pm every night.. Didn't get enough sleep.. Waking up late.. Eat supper every night.. Pimples problem.. *sighs*

Can we freeze the time and let me smell the flowers slowly? wth..

* * * * *

Anyway.. Let me show off my nephew picture.. I present to you, Elijah Hii..

Shirley my ah soh.. Is this Elijah's passport picture? haha..

Eeee... so damn cute ok.. I want to reach out and pinch his chubby cheeks.. My cute cute nephew is in Bintulu, Sarawak.. ahh.. I love my cute nephew.. Can he call me sister instead of yi yi (aunt)?? =p


天使妈咪 said...

haha... pat.. how dare u curi my bb's photo ler... copyright...!!!

joseph hii said...

yiyi?? how come elijah call u yiyi? is gugu lah... not yiyi...