Monday, March 24, 2008

..With You..

One of my favourite song at the moment.. Chris Brown - With you.. I'm loving this song.. =D

* * * * *

'Yu-Hee the Witch'.. is the korean drama I'm watching now.. One more episode and I'm done..

I find the movie funny and sweet.. Not romantic type but sweet.. =p I like watching the lead actress.. She is so pretty.. I just love her nose..!! haha.. Highly recommend to watch..

the Gorgeous one..

The actor in Yu-Hee the witch drama isn't the handsome type but when he smile.. OMG so cute ok.. I think the mix ang moh actor handsome lo.. hohoho..

the CUTE one..

the HANDSOME one..

* * * * *

'My lovely Sam Soon' which I watched last year is also one of my favourite.. The leading actress is very cute lor.. and the actor so handsome ok.. wth.. =p

She is Cute, HE is Cool..

This drama is also funny but more on romantic.. I was partically crying through most of the episode.. Too sad and I was touched ok.. wth.. and I got my MSN nick MOMO from this drama..

Basically I'm not the type who will write the whole story out from the movies.. All I can comment is GOOD or BAD or NOT BAD.. Too lazy ok.. and it's boring.. If you want to know more on what's the story is about.. Go watch it ok.. or else you can always 'GOOGLE' for it.. haha.. =p

'My Girl'.. This drama is so funny that I keep laughing non stop at every episode.. GOOD..! The actor so looking ok.. wth..

'Lovers in Paris' This is the romantic and crying type one lo.. I love it.. The actor so cool.. wth..

'Full House' This one no need to say la.. so FAMOUS ok.. why? Because RAIN la.. RAIN so HANDSOME ok.. I love him lo.. wth.. and by the way the actress damn gorgeous too..

Sighs.. Most of the Korean actress all look so gorgeous and fair and smooth and pretty and blah blah blah.. Nah now I wish I have Korea blood in me.. wth..

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