Saturday, March 22, 2008

Giant is HERE...!!

Today is the grand opening for Giant supermarket in Brunei..!! The first Giant in Brunei all the way from Malaysia ok..!! So excited.. wth..

Anyway.. I went to Giant last night ok.. Been in there before it open ok.. I'm so lucky.. wth no lah.. I just when in to same part.. Haven't been into the GIANT supermarket area.. I bet it's damn big.. From the outside it's so huge looking already..

So Giant..!!

I went to have a peak at the place with my colleagues, Winnie and the others.. They were there on work of course.. And I escape from OT tag along with them to have fun..

The place looks great.. The environment also feels great (maybe coz it's NEW).. Everything seem so nice in there.. I can't wait to actually to go in and shop and EAT..


A few variety of restaurant available.. KFC, Food courts, Rasa Ayam and most of all I can't wait to buy drinks from Teabox..!! Teabox look so attractive.. Makes me want to spend money lo.. sien.. haha..

Teabox drinks I want..

The Foodcourts there..

Mesti cuba! = Must try.. I can't wait to try.. wth.. =p

Other than Giant supermarket, there are other shops too.. From clothes to jewellery to accessories to bags to toys to shoes to blah blah blah..

Other shops and small stall outside of Giant area..

One of my favourite bags store in Brunei..

One of the shop which attracts me..

Even DST (Brunei's mobile network) want to join Giant..

They even prepare a nice looking playground for kids.. So colourful that I wish I was a kid again.. wth..

Playground for kids.. Not big for us but big for the kids.. wth..

Parts of the playground..

They have a huge parking lot which fits for 600 cars.. I read it from the papers la.. Not sure whether it's really 600 or not la.. but from what I see they do really have huge car park..

What a huge parking lot they have..

Me and other two colleagues ladies when and have a look at Giant during lunch today.. We were hoping that we will be able to get in to buy some CHEAP stuffs.. But who knows.. SO MANY CARS OK.. As is the whole Brunei population were there today.. Never I saw so much of cars.. not even The Mall can bet Giant today.. Some cars are even park so damn far away.. This people do anything for NEW OPEN supermarket and CHEAP stuffs.. =p

* * * * *

After Giant last night, me and Winnie went off to The Mall to look at our company's man setting up for the opening of World Water Day..

At The mall..

The two of us went there to disturb then later on when to have supper at Thiam Hock with Boss Ong and later join by my Boss.. After that very FULL supper, I went home to sleep.. wth.. =D

One of the item design by our Designers, done by our Production people..

* * * * *


Magician said...

The GAINT sign board got JAWI leh..hahaha

= FLoReNcE = said... giant in brunei already ah? Nice nice!! Which location? Next time I go brunei, u must bring me go around oh..

Nonnie King said...

Damn kiasu lah Bruneians.
I passed by and saw the long queue.. sampai got people just parked along the highway and walked all the way there!

Patricia said...

@magician : ofcoz of Jawi la.. This is Brunei every signboard need to have Jawi lo..

@=florence= : Yes Giant.. hehe.. It's not located in town like The mall lo.. More to the housing area.. bah you come.. but make sure I'm free.. =D

@nonnie king : haha.. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the traffic and the TONS of cars condition that day.. you seen yesterday papers? People are rushing in for the children bicycle which cost B$19.99.. -__-

Magician said...

but..but...buit.... why the jawi is smaller de? not the jawi must be bigger than anything on the signbaord meh?????? is the jawi written really says GAINT?? haha