Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron & Narnia

Two movies for today and in between I manage to buy Christmas present for the office exchange gift gathering on Christmas eve after work.. Boss should let us off early!!! -__-'''

I watched Tron and Narnia.. Tron in 3D version, I haven't try Brunei's 3D version since it started last month or so.. My first 3D experience was in Singapore or was it in Thailand lol I forgot.. I don't really like watching movie in 3D but once in awhile is fine..

The 3D here is kinda different.. Lack of quality I guess haha.. Tron was ok only but the actor Garrett Hedlund is good looking.. I think Narnia better, this time the movie remind us not to make mistake/wrong decision by temptation.. The 3rd 'Narnia the Voyage of the Dawn Treader' should be the last part of Narnia movie..

The Mall now have 4 new cinema theater and I watched Narnia in the new cinema 5.. Cinema 5 is small with about 7 rows of seating and a big screen, the chairs ofcourse comfy since it's new.. Alright, I'm tired so end of this post, pictures below =D


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