Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tang Yuan day in our Little house

Today is 'Dong Zhi', the day we eat 'tang yuan'.. I didn't expect my mum will make 'tang yuan' this year, because this few years it's always Patterson who make.. That's why when I saw the 'tang yuan' on the kitchen table this morning, I was happy.. Picture above is the 'tang yuan' made by my mum, the shape is not round perfect but who cares, it's nice and filled with love.. *sniff* Our 'tang yuan' is 'foo chow' style I think, coated with peanut.. =D

I just finished two movies which Samuel lend me.. Both very meaningful..

'Dear John' is a romantic film.. Love no matter how far a couple is, their love for sure can be strong but not when it's apart for years.. 'The Blind Side' is touching and sad one, based on true story.. When you are able to lend a hand to help a person life turn better and accept as a family, you are that person's life saviour..

Both worth to watch, and here I share a song from the movie 'Dear John'.. a soft song- Little house by Amanda Seyfried

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