Monday, December 20, 2010

Kolo Mee at Eden

5 days to Christmas! I will be celebrating in Miri, meeting up the Miri friends.. I wonder what plan do they have.. but then I have a feeling it's going to be a very slow count down staying at home.. hehe

Since last month for a few nights, I kept having dreams about being late and missing out my flight.. T.T oh my, I don't want such incident to happen!!! I'm really worry actually.. *pray pray won't happen*

Monday monday, I don't have the mood to work.. I'm infected by holiday mood!

Oh yea, I just remembered.. Last Saturday I had kolo mee for lunch with Daniel and Joan at Eden restaurant at gadong.. My first time there and I love their kolo mee! It's nice~~~ and after we finish our meal, Joan spot my white hairs and Daniel ask what I'm stressing about, he think I have no stress.. Yeah, I wish I don't too.. but how can I not have stress when there is so many problems~~~ I think the older I get, I can't handle stress anymore.. I think it's time I hunt for a rich guy and get married.. JOKING.. lol ;o)

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