Thursday, December 09, 2010

Heading to the Brunei's gate?

My short trip to Singapore has endeddddd.. Sighs back to work today feel so hmm moody.. For this trip I manage to buy a few CNY clothing only, I'm now waiting for my handbag! hehe

It was a slow & relax trip this time, unlike the last rushy trip back in July.. Too bad I can't spend everyday walking in shopping mall because my ears will be hurt from hearing complains.. hehe.. I enjoyed our shopping time.. hehe

I'm here to story about last night, when I was inside the Changi Airport- helping Roger to buy wine back to Brunei for his mum then make some free call to Rue with their public phone lol.. then when I was walking to the boarding gate, a lady voice was paging someone to board the plane.. That someone was ME!!! wth

So I quickly start running to the gate.. Some of you might know that the gate for Brunei's plane is at the far end of the Airport.. My run ended when the guy driving the Airport buggy came to me.. "Miss, you heading to the Brunei's gate?" and he asked me to hop on and drive me down to the gate as fast as he can.. It was really fast lol.. and I quickly jump off and throw all my staff onto the scanning machine and I got lecture abit by the officer for being the last one.. yieksss..

Thank God that I'm not being wait for the plane to take off! When I board the plane I was just in time lining up with the people getting sited.. sighs, what a funny and tired moment..

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