Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye Bye December

This week is really a bad week at work! Today again, some client is really unreasonable and like to shout in the phone! Grrrrr

After I left office , I don't feel like going home yet but then don't know where I should go.. I end up driving to Times Square, then I remembered I should go buy myself a drink from 'Each A Cup'.. I wait patiently in the long queue to enter Times Square and spend quite awhile looking for parking.. so many people tonight~~~
Chienz suggest me to order 'Chocolate Milk Tea', it's nice~ I first drank 'Each A Cup' in Singapore, yeap it's a franchise business.. I'll remembered that funny moment, The 2 Pearl Milk Tea Story.. hehe
I went to HSBC this afternoon and waited for almost an hour for my turn to the counter.. aduhhh..
Ahhhh boss return from Korea today and he bought us a big bag of seaweed with different flavor.. Maybe he want us to eat grass.. lol

Say bye bye to December.. Bye bye to year 2010..

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