Friday, December 10, 2010

The night about airlines- good looking steward

Today is one of those hectic day at work.. My stress for this job is building inside me, until the stage where I can break down and cry even-though I can solve the problem slowly or by hearing my supervisor voice or other colleague's voice can make me lose my temper or feel uncomfortable..

This few days I re-thinking again.. should I quit? Well for now, I don't like my job but I like my office current new environment and the distance between my house which is like NEAR.. sighs I torture myself for the sake of the environment wth! Anyway, I kinda get the sign from God that I should quit since I'm not happy.. Alright, I should get myself together and start searching for new job again! Oh good opportunity please come to me!!! hehehe

After a stressful day, good laughs with friends is one of the best medicine for de-stress.. I just got back from tea session with Kath, Tyng, Joan, Jamie & Jonathan at Coffeezone.. Having Jian Tyng around it's definitely full of laughter.. And such a coincidence I meet Chienz, Fab, Tze Wei and others, Wendy, Cindy, Ah Soon there.. Alright now let me now start my drama marathon before I sleep lol.. I manage to copied few Hong Kong drama from Jamie hehe.. So Goodnight! =)

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