Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A slow day in Singapore

I'm currently blogging from the hotel in Singapore.. I'm here for short trip only ;o( Tomorrow will be saying bye bye to Singapore and Rue.. We just got back from this food center called 'chomp chomp', Wei Ru had supper with us too hehe.. I have been hearing Rue and his friend said 'chomp chomp' is good place with delicious food.. so I insist I must try, eh well it was ok, I kinda prefer the food center at Newton.. So now I'm feeling super full.. I have been like eating non-stop for this trip.. aiyaaa fat-ness.. lol

Let me post pictures of what we have done today.. After having Kimchi for lunch we went to Singapore Botanic Gardens, Rue say must go see flowers so we go lo.. I have no comment since it's his birthday today and I 'kena' bully without complain.. After his birthday I'll have my revenge kakaka..

Anyway, super hot day at Botanic Garden, we both can't stand the walk actually so we actually like walk for half of the place only.. haha.. oh yea, I saw the bungee at Clark Quey today!! I want to ride it buy don't dare.. T.T Anyway so, we had dinner at Clark Quey and sit down to enjoy the slow night by the river before we head for supper.. It was really a relax and slow day with no shopping as promised.. haha.. ;o)

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