Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meet me by Sport Cafe

Two days to the brand new year 2011.. I'm not ready for 2011 actually, feel that time passed too fast.. but then I can't stay back in 2010 right, I need to look forward lol..
My Christmas was spent at Sport Cafe Miri, manage to sang a song with Ivy only and did more drinking instead lol.. we, girls wanted to go over to The Balcony to dance actually but it's full..

Before Sport cafe, I had dinner at Mr. Ho Restaurant and they have Haagen Daz Ice Cream so I order and Samuel introduce the Apricot & Cream flavor.. It's nice!
I didn't expect to see my ex-colleague, Florence there at Sport Cafe lol.. The last time I saw her was two years ago I think..
Oh yea, guess what Christmas gift did I get from the exchange gift gathering in the office? Easi recharge card worth $20 and I sell it off to Fred at cheaper amount lol.. I was fooled by the packages.. lol
Last picture to end this post, TZE-ME-JANSEN-SHIRLEY plus spoiler at the back.. hehe.. We took this picture and said goodbye and I went off to meet Cousin Thomas and his family with my aunt for lunch.. After lunch I go over to Jenn's house to see her and Giselle.. Giselle is very cute!
Also let me share this song~~ 'Meet me by the water" by Rachel Yamagata..

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