Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Welcome December

It's December.. One of my favourite month because of Christmas! and now I have another reason to like December more because its Rue's birthday month lol =)

Gosh, my blog look so empty since I haven't been updating for weeks.. I need to make sure I start updating more hehe and I'm looking forward for next week trip =D

What have happened since my last update?

1. I went to SY, Denise & Terry birthday party and I ends up being KO, an embarrassing night for me I guess.. but I had fun.. =D
2. I watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow Part 1 with Samuel, Joan and Daniel..
3. Nicole came up to Brunei and we manage to catch up twice..
4. I went to Chienz BBQ belated birthday and ate alot..
5. I join dancing class to sweat abit but it's only a 10 class session.. lol
6. I almost lost a good buddy last month, thank god he came back..
7. I went to Miri last Sunday for a day trip.. Meet up with Clemence to buy my bridesmaid dress.. Also meet up Samuel for eating session and before I left Miri, we went to try the new McDonald which have Drive-Thru service!! hehe
8. Work still isn't going well for me.. stress..
9. Trim my hair at Kelvin Salon in Miri, my hair feels better now..
10. I'm still watching alot of drama especially on Astro.. lol

I'm glad to have a blur sweet boyfriend, a very caring buddy and a very good BFF.. Thank God that I have them in my life.. *Thanks Buddy for all the help.. Thanks BFF for the support..*

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