Friday, December 03, 2010

Our first ride on Singapore Flyer

Packing packing packing.. I'm almost done with it.. I can't wait to see Rue and the Christmas decoration there.. I'm sure very pretty~~ and shopping time~~~ =D

I have been wanting to post pictures about my ride on Singapore Flyer from last trip haha.. only now I have the mood to post.. haha.. dududu~

One of the must do during my last trip was to ride the Singapore Flyer, Rue said night time should be prettier because of lights so we wait and ride it at night.. I love to ride this kind of stuff so I'm very excited that day, I don't think Rue like because he scare of height.. hehe His leg starts to wobbly when our capsule slowly move up.. hehe.. proof of his expression in below picture lalala..
I read that you can have dinning in the capsule and you can even book the whole capsule to yourself or have function in it.. expensive I believe.. hehe.. and to Rue: is our picture kept in good condition?? jeng jeng jeng
Good ride experience and memories~

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