Saturday, January 17, 2009

晴天娃娃? =p

Rain rain.. Every day and night rain rain.. but last night it didn't rain.. It was windy with abit of clouds.. I was excepting it to rain but it didn't.. hehe.. Some particular person thought them self as a 晴天娃娃 haha.. Please go Google for the meaning of 晴天娃娃.. =p

* * * * *

Again after years I heard back problems regards them.. Now I know what's their reason when they let go.. Some people just don't know how to cherish..

* * * * *

It's Saturday again.. No mood to work.. haha.. There is a new Korean restaurant and I'm heading there for lunch later with Elaine.. Shall update tonight with pictures.. =)

* * * * *


Pines Restaurant.. The new open Korean restaurant.. I couldn't find the restaurant at first as when I saw Pines signboard I thought it's some kind of Indonesia restaurant.. haha.. They have two menu.. One for Korean Food, the other one Japanese Food.. Well, the Kimchi Stew I order was spicy and nice.. the portion is quite small.. but full.. Elaine's friend order the Japanese dishes and it's not nice.. I will go back for the Kimchi Stew again.. hehe..

abit like Excapade

The rooms.. Some cushion chair..

Some normal chair sitting

what's this?

button to call for service..

My Kimchi Stew =) let's go there soon..

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