Thursday, January 15, 2009

where should I head to.. hehe..

My baby car went into the workshop today.. He looks alright already.. =)

* * * * *

I have not plan yet on where to go for this coming Chinese New Year.. Where should I head to? I guess at the end I will be staying put in Brunei.. hehe.. I wanted to head to Sibu to visit Lieh, Alice and Huat this year.. But Lieh and Alice won't be there..

Thinking of heading to Limbang but Tze not there this year.. Never mind still have Jita, Nicole and Siao Hui.. Limbang plan not sure yet, but I'm sure I got to head down to Miri to meet Chris, Kelly and the others.. But Jennifer you not there loh.. Let's see how it all goes.. =)

* * * * *

Don't know why.. I have been feeling dizzy this few days.. I guess it should be my blood pressure getting low~~ I did manage to meet up with Clemence, still so pretty.. hehe.. So much to tell her until we even spend few hours talking the other day.. =D

Anyway picturessss.. hehe..

Went to visit this exhibition earlier this month.. Well nothing much to see.. But I did bump into a few friends..

See.. Boxes of Mee Goreng.. One of the lucky draw gifts.. haha..

Hmmm... Bought this with Connie.. The CD ok ok only..

Had this at the Sweet N Savoury restaurant.. Taste nice.. don't remember when actually.. But I remember I had it with Kelvin, Jolin, Simz and Chu chu.. That day me, simz and chu ate our first grill ox-tongue..!! hehe..

Chu choosing his new mattress.. so expensive but good quality.. hehe..

This sofa is very comfy until I feel like sleeping there while waiting..

This is a very nice looking bed.. I think only girls like this kind of design.. haha..

This is Chu's new room.. Which I was being trick to go over to help by Simz.. Me and Simz paint the light colour part.. While chu chu paint the dark brown part.. Me and Simz's effort wash down the drain lo.. the light colour part he change to another colour.. -___-'" pity us..

To end my post.. Me and Siew with our Yes Man! ticket.. haha.. =D


sheautze said...

OU... i wish to meet u gals also during CNY.. I tot less frens back this yr, sekali las minute many ppl start sms and calling me... asking bout CNY plan liao.. =( if u come...drop a angpao at my house...ok :) with ur signature on it... hahaha!

Patricia said...

now cannot go Miri or Limbang wor.. My car at the workshop liao.. need one week.. =(