Sunday, January 04, 2009

My alarm clock rings -___-

I'm at a street market.. So many people around and It was hard to walk as people keep pushing each other.. The crowd were cheering, they were celebrating.. A festival was going on.. They speak at different language which I can't understand..

I push my way out from the crowd.. Finally I can feel myself breathing properly once I get out from the market.. I look around searching for familiar faces.. "Where are Simz and Siew" I wonder.. Then I saw Rueburn and I call out to him.. "Where are you guys going?" and He points towards the market and went in.. "Sure heading to smoke" I thought to myself..

I then turn and found myself facing a worn out ancient looking beautiful Church.. I took out my camera and start taking picture of it.. As I zoom in on the Church, the front door open widely and Boon Chu wave at me.. Asking me to enter the Church.. I smile and went in..

So, I follow Chu Chu.. I thought he was going to show me around, instead we were going down a dark staircase.. Which leads to a dark long hall.. Creepy feeling.. I don't know where we were heading.. Then we came to a door and Chu Chu push it open and we went in..

Daniel was in there.. I couldn't see what Daniel is holding, seem like a book.. I look around the room when Daniel suddenly speak and I turn to face him.. He look at me saying "I saw the Devil talking to the Angel.. The devil dare the angel to kill him.. what are we going to do?" I felt scare and look away.. Chu chu ask me not to listen to Daniel's nonsense.. Then there is a loud bang follow by glass shatter outside the room.. Immediately Chu chu ran out to have a look.. I wanted to follow.. To run out.. But..

I woke up.. My alarm clock were ringing.. Then it came clear to me that I was just dreaming.. I recap the dream, it feel kinda weird.. I have a feeling that the Church is somewhere in Spain.. haha.. It's just a dream.. I didn't sleep well.. Luckily it was a Saturday..

* * * * *

Last night 9 of us went to watch IP Man.. The movie is good..!! I like it.. From the start until the end.. GOOD.. hehe.. IP Man Kung Fu is so powerful.. The actress is very pretty.. but her eyes are too huge.. Highly recommend to watch..

* * * * *

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