Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy OX Year!! - *Wish for no flood*

It's Chinese New Year Eve today.. My mum and brothers are already in Bintulu.. Left me and my dad at home.. Hmm.. I don't know where me and my dad should have dinner tonight..

I have been home the whole day.. Want to go out actually but didn't because Thank God for the bright sun.. I put out more things to dry..

Last night was scary.. It started raining and water raise from 10 pm until 1.30 am when the rain finally stop.. sighs.. Almost heart attack ok.. I spend the whole night looking out the window.. I'm alone again.. I put things up as high as I can.. Those important one la.. The water raise up to our car park.. I was so afraid the water raise until the door.. sighs.. Thank God the rain stop.. I really hate this kind of feeling..

Nicole is in Brunei, going to meet her for while after dinner tonight.. Hope the weather is fine tonight, no more flood please.. Can't wait for the fireworks.. Well, Happy Chinese New Year..!! =D

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