Thursday, January 22, 2009


20/1/2009.. Flood happen again.. sighs.. This time water level up untill my knee inside my house..

My bed is gone.. My baby car ends up in the workshop.. I won't have my baby with me this Chinese New Year.. sad sad.. I hope he is fine..

The floods image still appear in my head and it still freaks me out..!! Now when ever it starts to rain I get paranoid.. *sighs*

I re-clean my room and alot of old stuffs from college appear.. I found a small notebook which I use to write down all my notes from class.. Then I just realise that's how I study back then.. haha..

And some presentation notes and projects and also from my industrial training.. All wet now.. Luckily my certificates are dry..!! haha..

I ends up throwing alot of things again.. All my CDs collection are wet too.. *sighs* Really dislike floods.. Slowly looking for new place now.. =) *finger cross*

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