Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chemical on my head? =S

Currently blogging from Kok How's house.. BBQ tonight with his basketball team mates.. I just ate abit because I had dinner with Winnie and Jun just now at KFC.. I think the fizzy Orange drink at KFC just now make me had stomach now.. But now my headache is much pain than my tummy..

I went to this particular salon this afternoon to colour my hair.. Choose a natural color.. yea natural.. no difference isn't it? haha.. Wakao.. the color chemical is so strong.. Until I can't even stand the smell.. When they apply the chemical make my scalp itch.. and pain.. *sighs* make me have headache.. I have always colour my hair and this is the first time I felt so torture.. Not going back there to color loh..!! hehe..

My head is really pain now.. Got to head back home to take medicine.. and rush to De' fountain.. Luckily tonight isn't raining.. =)

At the end of the day.. I did not appear at De'fountain.. haha.. After taking the medicine.. I saw my comfy bed.. And I fell asleep.. hehe.. Sorry peeps..!! =D


Rueburn Liang said...

rush to defountain?

Patricia said...

haha.. this post was type that night.. bah bah.. I shall update my post.. =p

sheautze said...

wah dye hair liao...haha
my sister also go highlight hair..i do nothing on my hair! :(