Friday, January 09, 2009

Bad day

You idiot...!! Idiot idiot idiot..!! Idiot people.. I hate idiot people.. =S Very bad, unhappy mood today..

Work also got problem.. EEEEeeee.... Today is not a good day..

* * * * *


It's almost Midnight now.. I left work before 9pm.. It was already raining heavily.. I drove slowly back home.. THEN hor.. I can't get home.. Flood hits the road outside my house area.. damn.. Hate flood.. So was stuck outside with other cars who can't pass through..

Then saw my mum.. She usually work late one.. So I drive her to Bunut Hua Ho instead of waiting there.. As I accompany her grocery shopping, I felt happy.. As it's been.. I donno when I have not accompany her shopping.. I sense her mood was good too.. hehe.. =D

Back from Hua Ho still have flood.. siennnn.. -___- So I sleep while waiting for the flood to decrease.. This is the first time I have to wait outside for the flood to gone lo.. really sien lo.. My mum and dad usually face this problem.. Now I know how it feel.. REALLY SIEN.. hehe..

So.. Today is really not a good day..!!

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