Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not the right job yet

Oh go away rain.. The newspaper shows some part of Borneo Island affected by flood.. Sibu, Kuching, Lawas, Limbang, Sabah.. Now Brunei not only have flood problem, there are landslide too.. So dangerous.. *sighs*

* * * * *

I'm back at work, feeling lazy...!!! The holiday mood is still on.. Boss is going to kill me.. >_< There are plans to achieve, kinda pressure.. what to do.. what to do.. Still have to do..

The day before Chinese New Year, boss gave a token of appreciate.. He did comment that he didn't expect me to learn fast, and was really surprise.. hmm.. *sighs* should have learn things slowly.. now this job is quite boring.. =p Maybe this is not the right job for me.. =S

Oh never mind.. Learn and gain experience.. and jump away when there are opportunities.. =D

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