Thursday, January 01, 2009

First day of 2009

It's 2009..

Last night after work I went to meet up with Nicole before heading to Daniel's.. I was waiting for Hao and Shirley to call for meet up, who knows when they call it's too late already.. "HAO, you should have call me earlier to meet up lo.. Want intro guy didn't inform earlier.. haha.. =p" Anyway, When I arrive at Daniel's place, there isn't much food left, I manage to eat Satay and Roti Canai only.. Which is good.. hehe..

Pretty fireworks were set off when the clock strike at 12am for 2009.. I watch till my neck sore.. haha.. It's really a pretty sight.. Hao and Shirley even call me up through 3G to show me the fireworks at The Empire.. hehe.. *hugs to both of them*

We did drop by Empire after on.. BUT didn't manage to see anything because due to a white car with blue lights stop everything.. hehe.. So we went back to Daniel's place to hang out until 6am? yea.. so full of energy.. Especially the guys because they were up to no good.. Dare dare dare dare~~

Conclusion, I had a slow and nice time welcoming the year 2009.. I'm starting to look forward to this year 2009 already.. More lucky and good thing to happen.. =D

* * * * *

My second trip to KK with my babes..

I miss going to KK...!! Don't know why but I like KK, Sabah alot.. I have been there for 3 times already and still loving the place.. To my lovely babes, any plans if we are heading back again together? I was browsing through the pictures again.. So funny, what a good time we had.. =) Here are some pictures..

Clear clear water

Fish Fish

Banana boat ride - before we were thrown off into the sea

I love this.. It's so peaceful being up there.. =)

This was taken on my third trip to KK

On my first trip to KK, I went to visit the Mount Kinabalu.. up to the the hot spring area only.. haha..

The BED is great.. Miss you all babes.. Let's go again shall we.. hehe.. =)


sheautze said...

weow cool!!
I was slim on the 2nd manukan island but im FAT when 3rd trip with ah gal with u go KK...hahaha

Patricia said...

haha.. not much fat la Tze.. you look better with fats.. hehe.. =)

Jennifer said...

gosh.. i miss those good ol' times.. being single and free.. haha.. u're bringing tears back in my eyes la princess missing those good times we spent together~~