Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dedicate to you all..

Went to Ronald and Nan Xing's daughther one year old birthday dinner on Sunday..
Cute little Baby Delene have huge eyes.. hehe.. Her Birthday cake is CUTE too..!! We have something in common.. We both like Elmo.. haha.. hmmm.. Will i receive an Elmo cake this year?? haha.. =p

Elmo cake which belong to Baby Delene.. *what a pretty name* =)

The dad doing his job

They prepare lots of foods..!! Vegetarian.. Meat.. Pakistan.. Yes, Pakistan food.. haha.. I try it all.. Nice.. Not bad at all..

Bouncer was available.. Ronald wanted to try the bouncer badly.. haha.. He keep asking us to play.. We keep rejecting him.. Last Last no choice, poor Boon Chu who wants to leave early was push to play..

We with Baby Delene.. *by the way, the bouncer is behind us* hehe..

So after like 30 minutes of forcing Chu.. He can't stand us and finally give up and went to have one slide, with Ronald happily joining him.. Thanks to Chu, Ronald = happy daddy that night.. HAHA.. =D

* * * * *

Brown Eyes - Destinys Child

I sang along to the song Brown Eyes by Destiny child as it plays on the radio today.. Have anyone dedicate songs to you guys before? Brown eyes was one of the song that someone dedicated to me.. Well.. not on radio lo..!! It happen in a supermarket..

I was in Secondary 4, when I met Jeffery.. We were working as a part-timer at this particular supermarket in town during our school holidays.. It was sales period for Hari Raya, so they hire a DJ to attract customers by playing songs and promoting things which are on sales..

One night, the DJ said "The next song is dedicate to Patricia at the cashier's counter".. I panic and turn to find the DJ laughing, and the song was played.. Every cashier turn to look at me.. how embarrassed.. hehe.. On the spot, I was hoping my mum won't hear it because she work with the supermarket.. I turn my head to find Jeff, want to scold him actually.. but then what he did was sweet too.. =)

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