Sunday, January 18, 2009

Afternoon at Dunes

My afternoon.. spend eating.. and shopping.. Bought belts only this time at Denise's shop.. Meet Simz and Chu there.. Then we went for food.. My first try at Dunes Cafe at Kiulap.. Actually the food is quite good.. I love the Nanchos.. Those we have order ofcourse.. Others no comment.. haha.. It's a nice place for tea session.. and so please see pictures below..

The View

Inside seats

I find it nice

Chu chu's burger

The very delicious Nanchos.. for me la.. but three of us love it.. hehe..

Simz love fried food

Pretty looking sause plate.. Shape of a flower..

This people can eat.. haha..

My dates.. haha.. The END.. =)

* * * * *

I have finally decide to throw it.. I have kept it for two years plus.. 60 roses.. The highest I have received so far.. =)

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