Thursday, January 08, 2009

Kueh Teow and Chicken Rice

Had lunch at a new place today.. Well, It's actually an old restaurant which I never notice or known before.. So I never been there.. Hehe.. According to Jolin and Rueburn that restaurant is famous for their Fried Kueh Teow.. So I order that to try.. Hmmm... Normal.. It's ok ok.. haha.. but for Raymond, it's not nice.. =p

* * * * *

Yesterday ate Chicken Rice at Tien Tien with Jolin and Daniel.. *Have fun at UK Dan.. have fun buying LV bags for Siew.. haha.. * I have not ate their chicken rice for more than 2 yrs already.. haha.. It's still cheap and good.. When me and my brothers were young, we sure eat Chicken Rice from there like twice a week.. During that time, having it everyday also no problem.. Now cannot.. Like because we found other nicer food than Chicken Rice.. haha.. =D

Wait till Patterson back for holiday again, I'm going to bring both of them there to eat.. hehe.. I'm such a nice sister looo..!! *ehem ehem* =p

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