Tuesday, February 24, 2009

National day lights - 09

The building lights up

As I leave the office, on the way out the attractive lights from the National day celebration attracts me.. I stop my car and pull to the side and take out my camera.. The feeling of picture taking rush back at that moment as I focus on the pretty lights..

For National Day

I seldom touch my camera ever since friends around me always use their camera to take pictures.. hehe..

Towards Istana

After that one picture I took, I didn't feel like going home yet so I turn my car to the main road heading down the Istana road to look at the lights.. As I drive, 'if only qin tian wa wa is here' is what I had in mind..

Driving through

Effect.. colour colour.. lots of colours..

Blue rain drop lights I like

Outside look - Istana Entrance

I feel happy as I take this pictures because I can't wait to post them up on my blog..

At the huge roundabout

lalalala... round I go~

Picture is something nice to share with everyone.. Especially to those who are not by my side.. <3>

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