Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I hope I didn't scare Wen Chien just now.. I drive too fast.. Thank God for Daniel being a responsible driver; who decide not to overtake me.. My baby and a BMW.. wow..

* * * * *

We were suppose to go for bowling in the evening today but ends up at the snooker center instead.. because bowling center has tournament.. -____- I want to play bowling..!! hehe..

I'm so pity.. Don't know how to play pool, then kena bully by people *ehem ehem*.. haha.. Rue and Siew are the best lo..!!! They both teach me play.. *sobs* hehe..

Pictures only~~~~ *do not charge or sue me for the pictures.. hehe*

Chien- who win alot



Kel & Shereen

Ray- the complain king


Siew- the super slim one who complain being fat -___-

Chu- many style


Rue- the teacher

Chien wins it all

*Beh tahan* watch this two play.. Siew control the game to win.. haha..




Anonymous said...

no have my pic

Patricia said...

@anonymous: oops??