Friday, February 20, 2009

and the plane took off~~

Friends said to me:

C: Don't be sad o.. be strong..

J: How is your day?

B: Are you ok?

D: you ok? were you upset?

Sy: Don't be sad, must be happy.. B and S very near..

TT: Don't cry oh.. Cheer up..

Thanks guys *hugs!*.. =)

I really didn't went to the airport to send him off.. Here in the office my heart break abit already.. If I were to see him went in, my heart will break more.. and I really will cry badly.. Sorry.. =(

* * * * *

My Qin tian wa wa is not in Brunei, the sky outside look dark lo.. hehe..
Yesterday I mention about my boss being stress.. who knows today he starts going on leave.. wth.. I want holiday too..!! haha..

Lucky this coming Monday is a public holiday.. no work!! Long weekend..!! I'm going to spend and have fun in Miri.. Can't wait to see them all again.. =)


Rueburn Liang said...

no need to worry lah, your qing tian wa wa here >=D

Sy: THE PRINCESS said...

ruby starts blogging.
i wanna listen to ur side of story too. so it will be like an online drama for us. u know working in office is double S (SIEN N STRESS). so pls follow pat's path by blogging to make our day better.

THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Ray said...

You know what will make our day perfect? one post a day by pat =D!


Patricia said...

@Rueburn: *hugs*
@Sy: ehem ehem.. I'm also a princess lo.. haha.. why not you start blogging too, as what you said working in the office is double S.. having you blogging can make my day better too.. =p
@Ray: waseh.. complain king's first comment.. wuuu~~ haha.. you are giving me pressure lo.. want me to blog more then must bring me out to do more things.. hehe..