Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mini garden

Love Story (Pop Edit) - Taylor Swift

It's Saturday again.. I'm meeting up with the rest later for a gathering session.. And the theme for tonight is Pajamas~~ So it's going to be a Pajamas night..!! Wuhuuu...!!

Since last year after I read about Nuffnang's Pajamas party at Kuala Lumpur, I have always wanted to attend one.. so I can dress up looking nice in short silky PJ??? wth.. hohoho..

EHEM but anyway ours is just a mini one so we don't have to dress up looking pretty or what.. It's just the same bunch of people so no need look nice la.. So just now I run through my closet and look for my cute pink cotton bear Pajamas for tonight, put it in my bag together with my cute giffy pillow.. Shall upload pictures about it when I'm free.. hehe..

* * * * *

Before I went for my facial appointment this afternoon, I drop by this new cafe at Kiulap to meet Sy, Sim yang, Chu and Ray.. known as Bakerlyn cafe..

Garden look.. FAKE grapes hanging above..

The place look good like a mini garden.. but the feeling isn't that right or should I say not cozy enough..

Ordered by Chu and Ray

Then I look around.. and ahhh.. this place would be super nice if the view outside the window is an open space or green field instead of old building.. hehe..
It's still a nice cafe, definitely will going back there again..

Real flowers.. Real complain king..

Real chu chu enjoying his food

To end this post.. ofcoz we are real la..!! haha..

*** update on 2/3/09.. - when our pictures from Pajamas Night went on facebook, it's not the same bunch of people looking at us.. It's the whole network...!! omg.. haha.. A few friends came up to me and said "wow, your group of friends always have fun.. PJ's night some more.. by the way.. your PJ is so cuteeee..." And what I answer?? Just this " -_________- " ***

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