Sunday, February 08, 2009

Round we go~

It's after 1am.. And I just reach home.. The gang use to stay up until Morning on a Saturday.. But not this time.. hehe.. I guess everyone is tired..

After work in the afternoon, I went to hunt for a good laundry cleaner.. For my fragile pillows and puppy.. Puppy soft toy ofcourse.. Round and round I drive then finally found one.. Been given discount somemore.. The guy has no choice but to give me discount lo.. I beg so hard for it le.. haha.. =D

Around 3pm I rush to Simz's Open Office.. They even had a little lucky draw.. Ching and Joan were the lucky ones to walk away with the grand prize lo.. I didn't get anything.. haha.. Never mind.. I manage to rob an ORIGINAL CD from Simz.. haha.. Thanks Simz.. =p

We was suppose to play bowling at night.. but ends up talk talk talk and talk at Dunes.. Went we finally head to Utama Bowling the place is full.. >_<>

Since the bowling place is full we went off to Jerudong park.. Me, Rue, Ray, Chien, Simz and Chu ends up playing the Merry-go-round there with Kel and Zhemei looking at us.. haha.. =)

I received a message from Leela all the way from India.. Good news!! hehe.. She gave birth to a baby boy...!!! I'm so happy for her.. Take good care of yourself Leela, hope to see you and your son soon.. =)


Razyfad said...

leela = haleela? our ex classmate?

Patricia said...

@Razyfad: Yes Fadzzzz... It's Haleela.. hehe.. Now she is in India and will be back to Singapore again soon.. =)