Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine 2009

Even though our sunset are cover by cloud.. The colour spread from behind the cloud are still pretty to look at.. very pretty.. The weather is great for the whole evening.. Maybe it's really the effect of having a 'qin tian wa wa'.. =)

It took us about an hour to reach the beach.. He drove as fast as he can because he was afraid we will miss the sunset, as it's getting late.. Thank God we reach there before the sky turns dark..

My valentine

Simple dinner by the beach.. Right after eating.. Fireworks appear at the other side of the beach.. So lucky..!! haha.. Got pretty fireworks to watch.. =D

Another thing which surprise me.. Hand-made little stars.. Never thought I will receive something hand-made from a guy.. =)

But my surprise look couldn't be compare to his.. the look on his face when I pop out my present for him.. It was worth it.. I didn't realise my simple gift gave him so much of surprise.. =)

I'm happy of course.. It's one of the best valentine I had..

Last year, on valentine you said "you look beautiful tonight" through message..

While this year, I feel bless with happiness.. to hear you say "you look beautiful tonight" again but in person.. Thanks dear for this beautiful valentine's day.. =D

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